There is a wide range of options for where to stay in Snowdonia, but we've listed a few of our favourites places online to search. When you book an event you'll get the details of our favourite places.

Where to stay

  • Our Cottage on Airbnb

    If you have a group or family that would like to join you when you come here, have a look at our sweet little cottage just 5-10mins drive from Llanberis, otherwise just go ahead and search the facility, there are loads of places to stay.

    Our Charming Cottage with Snowdon Views


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  • Menai Cottages

    If you are looking for a little luxury, Menai Holiday Cottages have a nice showcase of places to stay.


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When you book an event with us this list will update with a select number of our favourite places, so check back if you join us.