Bespoke guiding, 24 Nov 2018

Mary's bespoke day out

  • Carneddau
  • GB
  • 24 Nov 2018

Mary has run with us previously & was keen to return to build on her technique on rough terrain as well as set a training plan for safely progressing her running.

Long run over the Carneddau

Snow had fallen a few days prior, but with the freezing level above the summits, it was worth getting a run in up over the high tops.

Gareth had guided Mary a few years back and she was keen to return to develop better confidence with how to run in remote conditions when on her own, particularly considering the approaching winter. The morning was spent first going over how to assess the weather and then decide what kit to wear and pack. We also considered bail-out options for our planned route with the anticipation of various risk factors, principally wind and/or ice underfoot.

The run itself toured the classic 100m peaks of Carnedd Dafydd and Carnedd Llewelyn while incorporating a few easy scrambles and the elegant design of Pen Y Helgi Du. Above 900m snow was enjoyed. What is it about the white stuff that is so pleasing?

We were treated to various microclimate effects along the ridge which gave ample opportunity to teach Mary how to manage her temperature, which was affected rapidly on the exposed ridge prior to the climb to Llewelyn. She learnt how to take the opportunity of sheltered areas to rearrange clothing etc as well as efficient footwork on rocky and snowy terrain to improve her pace, a safety element in itself.

After the run, we refuelled then discussed her training plan for the next 6 months. I identified where her current training was limiting her improvements and leading to burnout, then introduced the key sessions she was missing in her running to develop a more sustainable approach.

Well done today, Mary. Your considered approach to your safety and running is already at a great level, you just need to work on your confidence. Now go out and do that 10km ;-)