Get into fell running

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Get into fell running

  • Training weekends
  • Jul 13 - 14
  • 2019

Location base: Llanberis, Snowdonia, North Wales, UK

General Information

Learn how to run efficiently over any terrain, as well as develop map & compass skills so you can plan routes to run suitable for your experience.

These events concentrate on learning techniques to run efficiently over any terrain, as well as develop map & compass skills. As such the running pace is very steady with a lot of stop-start. It's normal to fast-hike the uphills. Friday evening is a bonus run for the travel-legs of around 4-5 miles, low level. Distances on Saturday and Sunday are between 6-10 miles with up to 1200m ascent. The typical 'time on legs' is 2-3 hours on Saturday with 3-4 hours on Sunday.

Social evening run

A nice little leg turnover on low level trails.

The whole group managed to make the run, always a nice way for everyone to start to get to know one other as well as for me to assess their pace as a group.

Is this for you?

If you don't mind getting muddy, love beautiful scenery & want to broaden your training, then fell running is for you! To get an idea of what you'll experience, have a look at some of our photo journals.

The running sessions are focussed more on teaching you skills, so they are very steady and there is often quite a bit of stop-start. It's normal to hike the big uphills. We have strategies to deal with runners of different paces so don't be concerned if you think you may be too slow... and if you are super fit and worried that you'll be a little frustrated with the pace, we'll recommend how to manage this.

  • Experience

    If you consider yourself a beginner off-road runner or need help with your navigation, then this is for you!

    These camps are designed for runners that need help with running over technical terrain, tackling steep uphills and downhills & using a map and compass.
  • Fitness

    As long as you run regularly & can manage 10 miles in a single run then you'll be fine.

    The pace is very steady and you won't be expected to run all the hills. However, if you are up for it, you will be pushed at intervals to learn how to apply training principles to improve your running. Don't worry, I'll be kind and we always regroup and recover. At the end of the day, it's about enjoying being out in the mountains.

  • Aptitude

    It helps to have a sense of adventure.

    You do need to have an adventurous nature and be prepared to try new things in mountainous environments where the weather can be very challenging. Be open to mud. Lots of mud.

  • Curiosity

    You need to be keen to learn

    Learning to navigate, as well as how to stay safe in the mountains, is an important skill and we pack a lot into the weekend - so you need to have a thirst for knowledge & applying it.

Technique training

Low cloud & drizzle but low winds. We'd still consider this to be good weather.

The conditions were ideal for allowing the group to appreciate the importance of managing their clothing and food with regard to our altitude and exposure to the light winds. The difference that simply donning a pair of gloves can have. Always a nice revelation negating the need for the hassle of jacket-on, jacket-off.

There was a discussion on uphill training and technique, a few efforts followed by a quick break at the summit cairn, then it was time to learn about downhill technique. How severity of slope and type of vegetation and terrain underfoot affects which "tool" to pull out of the box. How not to break and when to break a little but do so with less impact.

Run enjoyed it was back to Llanberis for lunch then a few hours learning the theory of navigation.

Help for your preparation

We have a strong commitment to giving our clients an experience they would not be able to achieve on their own, while at the same time empowering them with the skills to be able to aspire towards achieving that ability in the future.

In order to achieve that goal, we like to encourage you to start teaching yourself some of the theoretical aspects of off-road running. When you sign up, you'll also get 6 months membership to our academy, where you can access the 'Learn how to navigate' tutorials, as well as other relevant lessons we add over time.

While these events are not 'fitness camps', we also like to provide some support for your training leading up. The fitter you arrive the more you will enjoy it, so we'll give you training prompts to help you arrive in the best condition.

Route planning & navigation

Time was invested in reinforcing what was learnt the afternoon prior, then building on their knowledge to plot their route for the day.

Their maps prepared, they learnt how to run while navigating, folding their maps to a size that could easily be "thumbed". A little bit of learning how to manage a boggy environment, followed by the lovely exposure and feeling of scrambling up the Daear Ddu Ridge, plus views on the summit of Moel Siabod.

Maps and compasses came back out while the group figured out their strategy for getting off the mountain. A long descent provided lots of light, fast, feet practice, then it was a debrief and refuel. Well done guys! Thank you for being so keen and dedicated to learning and applying your new skills, as well as working together so well as a group. A lovely weekend.

What you receive

We keep our group sizes small so that you get plenty of one-on-one time with your guide. By the end of the weekend, you'll be equipped with the knowledge & skills to start committing to building running into your life in a safe & sustainable way. 

The full weekend of activities gives you:

  • Fully insured running guides with Mountain Leader and First Aid qualifications
  • One-to-one as well as group coaching during the event
  • Gait assessment and development of better technique
  • Advice on training plans and how to avoid over-training or burnout
  • Digital Photo album of the weekend
  • 6 months access to our Academy
  • 15% off at Joe Browns gear shops


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