Technique training camps

learn how to run efficiently over any terrain
as well as develop map & compass skills
so you can plan routes to run
suitable to your experience

Running hills breaks up your rhythm and forces your muscles to adapt to different stresses.
The result? You become a stronger runner.

Is this for me ?

If you don't mind getting muddy, love beautiful scenery & want to broaden your training then fell running is for you!


These camps are designed for runners that have little to no experience in off-road running and need help with technical terrain, tackling steep uphills and downhills & using a map and compass.


You do need to have an adventurous nature and be prepared to try new things in mountainous environments where the weather can be very challenging. Be open to mud. Lots of mud.


Learning to navigate, as well as how to stay safe in the mountains, is an important skill and we pack alot into the weekend - so you need to have a thirst for knowledge and applying it.

Fitness level

If you run regularly and can manage 13 miles in a single run then you'll be fine. We have strategies to deal with runners of different paces so don't be concerned if you think you may be too slow...

That said, the fitter you arrive at the camp the more you will enjoy it.
Prior to the event you will be given training prompts to help you arrive in the best condition

Training preparation

When you book into a course, we will provide a basic training programme so that you can work towards specifically preparing your body to cope with the sort of physical demands you will experience on the course.

Navigation tutorials

6 weeks prior to the camp, we will send you one navigation tutorial per week so you can start to understand the theory of navigation and hit the ground running (so to speak) when you arrive at the camp.

What you can learn

Develop the following skills to:

  • Tackle different terrain types
  • Attack uphills, downhills and traversing
  • Navigate and plan routes
  • Learn what to wear & carry
  • Fuel and hydrate during your runs
  • Make sure you stay safe
  • Plan goals or build racing into your program
  • Recover from sessions to get the most out of your training

What's included

Full weekend of activities gives you:

  • Fully insured running guides with Mountain Leader and First Aid qualifications
  • One-on-one as well as group coaching during the event
  • Gait assessment and development of better technique
  • Snack packs to take on your runs
  • Advice on training plans and how to avoid over-training or burnout
  • Digital Photo album of the weekend

What does it cost?

Options for accommodation and extras:

  • Full weekend camp cost is £160, not including accommodation.
  • If you would like us to organise accommodation, we have spaces starting at £30 in a lovely guesthouse, first-come first-serve. It's best to stay Friday and Saturday night, but there are options to make it a long weekend.
  • Meals are not included (except for your snack packs for running) however if we get enough numbers we shout you lunch on the Saturday.

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