We can organise your running from a base of your choice within the National Park or even on Anglesey. Just pick an area & get in touch.

Secure your 2019 datesClub camps & weekends

Are you a club wanting a bespoke running event in 2019?

We've had a lot of enquiries from clubs looking for us to organise an awesome weekend of running activities for their members. To help make it easier, we are setting up a facility to help clubs secure a weekend in February, March or April, but allow their members to book in when they feel ready. Read on to learn how...

What's involved & costs

We are accepting a minimum of 8 & maximum of 14 club attendants at £120 per person for a full weekend or 2 full day sessions.

Once your club has secured a date, we'll work with you to design your activities. If you've blocked a weekend, this covers all your running activities from Friday evening through to Sunday afternoon. Accommodation is not provided but we can build that in if requested. If the club gets more than 10 people we’ll provide a post-run refuel/lunch on one of the days as a way of discount/thanks.

How it works

Our group event dates for 2019 are currently being prepared so we'll need to block out any weekends that a club wants to secure for their own bespoke camps by end of November.

We are offering clubs the ability to block a weekend in Winter/Spring/Summer 2019 by either process: 1) the club provides a 50% initial deposit; or 2) at least 8 club members enrol with a 50% deposit to secure the weekend. Six weeks prior to the camp date full payment is due. Full details follow:

  • Club arranged bulk deposit

    The club provides a minimum deposit in November of £480 (50% deposit of a minimum of 8 people attending at £120pp). This secures the weekend while individual club members are deciding to book.

    At any time up until 6 weeks of the start date the first 8 club members to enrol pay £60 to cover the remainder of the full payment and are considered fully paid. After the first 8 have enrolled, additional members pay 50% deposit (£60) up until 6 weeks prior, with full payment due 6 weeks before the event.

    This allows your club members to book in without any pressure. The only condition is that the full event payment must be covered within 6 weeks of the event date.

  • Club member individual deposits

    A minimum of 8 club members enrol during November and pay 50% deposit (£60). The weekend is secured.

    At any time up until 6 weeks of the event date, additional members can also enrol and pay 50% deposit (£60).

    6 weeks prior to the agreed event date full payment for each member is due.


How to book

Simply decide a date & which option you'd like for securing the camp & email [email protected]

In your email it would help to let me know the likely number of attendants and what you want out of your event. If you are not sure what you'd like to do, don't worry, I'll work with you to design an awesome weekend.

Once we've got a basic plan I'll set up your event page and depending on your booking option you can register your club and/or members and make the deposit.

That's it. Once we have most of your members booked in and nearer to your event date, you can choose your activities and we'll build the event. We don't mind adapting your member needs closer to your event and we keep the whole process relaxed and flexible. It's all about enjoying the mountains, running and refueling.