Bespoke guiding

We help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be, through a relaxed teaching environment that is both theoretical & practical.

Have it your way

The beauty of our bespoke sessions is that they can be designed exactly to suit your needs.

Many of my private clients have goals that differ vastly. Some people want to race better, others don't care about pushing themselves hard but want to develop the skills to be safe. A popular request is to learn how to plan routes and navigate so they can get out on their own and enjoy the feeling of moving fast and light in the mountains.


Training helps you achieve your goals. Having goals and working towards them has been something I've appreciated through my life.

Your goals don't have to be 'extreme', they just have to give you the feeling that you are working towards something. They keep you 'honest'. They give you meaning.

We'll chat over the phone or via email to discuss what you (and your friends if you are bringing them) want to achieve. We'll design the training to complement it.

If you are unsure, I nut out what your goals and current hurdles are and then design the session to help address these issues. We can help you get back on track.


We work on a maximum guide to client ratio of 1:4, so feel free to bring up to 3 mates.

If you have a larger group or want to organise a club event, just get in touch and let us know what you want. We'll design the event for you.

  • Half day

    Best if you want a run of between 2-3 hours with additional time for training plans

    • £110 for one person
    • £70 pp for 2 people
    • £57 pp for 3 people
    • £50 pp for 4 people
  • Full day

    Best if you want to prepare for an ultra race and/or want to combine navigation & route planning training into the day.

    • £190 for one person
    • £125 pp for 2 people
    • £104 pp for 3 people
    • £93 pp for 4 people
  • Multi-day

    If you'd like a series of sessions over a number of days, we are happy to accommodate, just let us know what you want to do.

    The cost will be determined based on the time out and the sessions involved, but a minimum of cost is shown below. Email us for a quote depending on the sessions you require.

    • £300 for one person
    • £198 pp for 2 people
    • £164 pp for 3 people
    • £147 pp for 4 people