The academy

Develop a life-long commitment to understanding your sport & you'll enjoy the confidence that comes with knowledge & learning.

What you'll learn

As a Run Snowdonia client, you'll get a complimentary 6 months subscription to our online academy, where you'll have access to relevant online training material to help you best prepare for your event or session with us.

Our first set of online training modules will include:

  • Learn how to navigate. A 6-week course involving weekly theory and practical exercises to do.
  • Assessing the weather. A 3-week course with weekly practical exercises to complete after theory sessions.
  • How to pack your kit - a set of scenarios based on experience level, route type or race.
  • Route planning - how to choose a route to run and annotate your map.

Future developments

This year we are setting up a new website called Run Refuel. It'll be ready soon.

It's a place to go to for support, inspiration and learning and I am committed to making it the best resource to go to online for running and nutrition.

As a new set up, the content will build over the next 5 years. As such, new members joining us in our first year will have their support rewarded by only ever having to pay the introductory membership price. This way, with your help, we can achieve our goals.