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  • Summer love
  • Snowdonia, UK
  • 9 Jul, 2018

Sunshine galore, post-run swims in the lake & plenty of nice-cream. It's been a lovely summer. I hope you've been making the most of it. But with the good run of weather comes a few issues. Crowds and complacency.

So this summer it's all about dealing with the problem of taking things for granted and how to be savvy with seeking out the quieter places to run and relax. Make sure you check out our new events for the remainder of the year and hope you enjoy the new website!

Looking forward to running with you soon, Sarah Ridgway

#1 One big weather window

The run of endless sunny days has meant I've stopped checking the weather. It's probably gonna be another sunny day tomorrow, right?

I'm a bit of a weather-nerd. Living in Snowdonia is amazing, but the weather can be challenging to say the least so I've got really good at finding weather-windows. However, the recent run of fantastic weather has led to taking things a little bit for granted. What snapped me out of it was the need to check whether I should water my plants or not. It's just like being back in OZ.

So. Be mindful this summer not to get complacent with checking the weather before planning your run. Particularly in remoter areas and always when venturing up into the mountains. Look out for our up-coming Run Refuel lesson series in 'How to assess the weather' at the Run Refuel Academy, starting end of August. In the meantime, here's a reliably sunny image showing how stunning it is here.

summer love jul 2018

#2 Avoiding the crowds

Snowdonia has been pretty busy with the good weather and while the crowds tend to coalesce on Snowdon for the weekend, it can also start getting a little choc a bloc on the other ranges.

This summer I've been making sure to seek out the serenity. First for Mountain Equipment for their Threshold collection showcase and also for Rand who was visiting from the United States and wanted a quality 5-6 hour run in the mountains.

For both situations, I needed to provide a run that showcased our highest peaks while still providing that feeling of enjoying the tranquillity of the mountains. Keep an eye out for their case studies, coming soon.

summer love jul 2018
summer love jul 2018