About Run Snowdonia

Our aim is to give you the skills to run in the outdoors in a safe but challenging environment & ensure that you not only have the experience of a lifetime but also the motivation to make it part of your life


I'm Sarah Ridgway, main guide and director of Run Snowdonia.

Running is a great way to see a new area, yet getting a quality run in unfamiliar terrain can be difficult. Hiring a guide to keep you safe, who can also show you some awesome routes away from the tourist crowds, takes the hassle away.

I initiated Run Snowdonia over 14 years ago, shortly after settling in the area. Having grown up in Australia and living for a year in both Scotland and New Zealand, I appreciated how long it takes to learn the best routes in a new area. I realised I could be giving people a guaranteed fantastic run in terrain they may not have the confidence to run themselves.

As such, we have a strong commitment to giving our clients an experience they may not be able to achieve on their own, while at the same time empowering them with the skills to be able to aspire towards achieving that ability in the future.

I hope you can join us.

Sarah Ridgway, Running Guide and Director.

Why choose us?

As the pioneering company in guided mountain running, we have over 14 years of experience in working with clients from all over the world, empowering them with the skills to move fast and light in the mountains.

  • Our experience

    We've lived, worked, trained and raced all over the world on all sorts of terrain and whatever the weather. We believe that in order to inspire and support other people, you need to strive to be the best you can in your own field.

  • Safety

    All our guides are fully trained in First Aid, hold the Mountain Leader Award, are members of the Mountain Leader Training Association (MLTA) and BMC & are fully insured.

  • We lead by example

    Your main guide, Sarah Ridgway, has a reputation based on an elite level running career, representing Wales at International level and pitching in races globally for over 16 years.

  • We love it

    We are strong believers that the hills are there to be enjoyed & it is that love of the hills which we try to foster. It is this ethos which will keep a runner going year on year, decade on decade.

Getting organised

While we look after your training, learning and guiding, we don't organise your accommodation, as we've found people prefer to do so on their own.

There are also a lot of options now, thanks to Airbnb. In saying that, it's best to try and book your accommodation as early as possible. Have a look at our suggestions for how to get here and where to stay.